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Monday, June 25, 2012

Conrad DiDiodato

A Sort of Blue

Chestnuts encircled with leaf
squat in dirt. And the squirrel tail robust enough
to sweep down hard on it, after a rain,
is gentle also.

     A sort of blue between clouds
moves the mayfly more than the deviant bee, or ant
whose matchstick's a Cosmos carried
back to his bed

     Wasps bear their own husks best
Clouds that drop a forepaw close to take waters
will billow like thick curling thoughts,
powdery in a way

     squirrel tails can never be
A red-bulbed sun looks down hastily on us all,
with a glazed, a restless vengence
Chokeberries swell

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Fourth Dimension

Today was the launch of Stella Mazur Preda's new book of poetry.

It was a well attended launch.  I took a few pictures which I will post here.

Her book can be purchased from The Book Band.    Thanks for dropping by and come again when you can.

George and Trudy Down, Stella Mazur Preda, Jeff Seffinga - Editor of Serengetti Press

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Reading Glasses
Timmy’s, Yonge and Richmond

Looking up to rest my eyes I see
in every blur of passers by – you,
a purple puff of silk around your neck,
your slender figure, grace in every step.

Anyone can be anyone in this city.
I am stateless, persona non grata
among people going about their business,
reading on a bench, stopping in for coffee,
chatting with one who assembles sandwiches.

Then again, you, crossing the street,
carrying a bag this time, a purse next,
always somewhere to go that isn’t here.

Could you not once come in,
sit with me, watch the evening light
becalm the street?  We could talk
about a movie one of us has seen.
Nothing between us but the faint scent of sandalwood
We’d grow old for an hour; I wouldn’t mind
if you checked your watch.  Under the table
our knees might not touch.

I take off my reading glasses.
In an  instant, we were never here –
only sounds of cars and cash registers,
an Antonioni slow fade to black –
(poets were all film-makers in the 60's, you said)

Outside you walk past, not turning to look.
I see you, harbinger of forgiveness.

Editor's note:  This poem was performed at Conrad Didiodato's book launch on Father's Day and was well received by the guests assembled there.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012



they gather as never before 
impossible to count
the friendly ones and the hunters
the beautiful and the ones where God
seems less creative              

the masses land
then take flight
fast, quick and majestic
quite the choreography

 some bring back food
others twigs, to finish a nest
some steal out of laziness
others confiscate by force.

but all know their place
in Nature’s hierarchy.

Copyright©EdWoods 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Conrad DiDiodato's - Launch of Bridget bird

The pictures below are of the latter  part of the afternoon.  Conrad was very generous to open the floor to other poets to read their work at his launch of Bridget bird, published by Serengeti Press.

James Deahl - Sarnia poet
Norma West Linder -  Sarnia poet and short story writer
David Haskins - Grimbsy poet
Stan White - Brantford poet

The main part of this blog is meant to talk about Conrad's book launch which was held at Puddicombe Farm in Winona.

I was most fortunate to get a ride with Stella, otherwise I could not have attended.

Winona is approximately 45 minutes to an hour from downtown Hamiton by car and as far as I know, there is no bus that goes out that way.  We drove through some wonderful countryside and took the back roads which I much prefer.

Conrad and his wife Maria are delightful hosts and it is always a pleasure to be in their company. This is my third time of attending one of their poetry events and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Writers from Cambridge, Brantford, Hamilton, Grimbsy and Sarnia attended this event.  It was very good to see everybody again.

Conrad opened up the reading with explanations about his individual poems and then read them.  I found that interesting as it came me a complete picture of the "why" of a poem.

Conrad reading from his new book

It is a lovely venue, and this time, we went by the inside stairs which were easier for me to get up. 

What a difference a year makes, the last year I had broken ribs from a fall at a Waterfalls here in Hamilton and we did not know about the inside stairs.  Instead my friend and I walked up the outside stairs (iron stairs - see through.)  As a person who does not do well with heights (even a small step stool), it was a test of endurance for me, not to mention the hurt of broken ribs!

This year was a piece of cake getting up those stairs.

As is usual, Maria had set up a lovely buffet table and invited the assembled guests to partake. After Conrad delighted his audience with readings from his new book, we took a little break and then Conrad generously invited other poets to share in his happy day by reading from their own work.
Becky Alexander - Cambridge poet

April Bulmer - Cambridge poet

A wonderful afternoon, spent with kindred spirits. Thanks for dropping by and come back again when you have the time.

To purchase a book from Conrad, please e-mail him at  The price is $18.00 plus shipping and handling.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


 The Milton Acorn feature I edited for Hamilton Arts & Letters has been a GREAT success.

 To date, this has been read by over 10,000 people from 23 countries! Simply amazing!

The top 10 countries are:
1. Canada
2. United States
3. South Korea
4. The U.K.
5. Israel
6. France
7. Greece
8. Germany
9. India
10. Italy

Readers from 145 cities have visited.

The top 20 cities are: Hamilton, Burlington, Toronto, Cobourg, Edmonton, Ottawa, Sarnia, Suncheon-si, Evanston, London (UK), Calgary, Stoney Creek, Thunder Bay, Montreal, Victoria, Daejeon, Givatayim, Chicago, London (Can.), Dumbarton.

            Can you imagine Suncheon-si as number 8? Milt has finally made it to Asia. And made it BIG.

And the rankings of other cities:
New York = #24
Paris = #31
Vancouver = #32
Bologna = #48
Normal (Illinois) = #50

                        (Info from Paul, Fiona, and Peter at HA&L.)

Please visit Hamilton Arts & Letters, issue five.1

Poetry Power!

            . . . James

Editors Note:   I have been given permission to post this to this blog by James Deahl.  POETRY ROCKS!!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

WILMA SEVILLE - A letter poem


Boots and Tiger

Dear Mistress,

I, Miss Tiger Cat, have a just complaint

But will you listen?

You ignore me, don’t pat me

Never brush me.

I rub against your leg

You rebuff me, I slink away

My mats stand out like flags

Dandruff falls like snowflakes, leaves a trail

My stench is unbearable.

I cannot run away from myself

I cannot shed my skin like a snake

It would be shameful to be seen naked

Who would want me then?

My litter box is a disgrace

In short, it stinks for weeks on end.


I have feelings too!

I KNOW, I’ll start a union.

‘KATS RULE” will be its name

Down with humans!

We’ll march on all four paws to Ottawa

Take over the country!

We are black, white, orange, grey

We are ALL one in solidarity.

We’ll change our world, one human at a time

Starting with you, my unthinking mistress!



EDITOR'S NOTE:  I learned this style of writing a letter poem at the JewishLiterary Festival on Sunday.  It was great fun for me to write.  Needless to say, the two cats above are not the subject of this poem!