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Sunday, July 14, 2013

A summer celebration of People's Poetry and Milton Acorn's

Norma West Linder
James Deahl - Master of Ceremonies
On Saturday, July 13th, 2013 a summer celebration of People's Poetry and Milton Acorn's "In a Springtime Instant:  The Selected Poems:  1950-1986  was held at the Artword Artbar at 15 Colbourne Street here in Hamilton, Ontario.

The hosts, Ron Weihs and Judith Sandiford were their usual gracious and welcoming selves as the guests assembled in this very cute venue.  James Deahl was both the organizer and the Master of Ceremonies.

Invited poets were to read two of Milton Acorn's poems and then two of their own poems.

The featured poets were as follows:   James Deahl
                                                           Conrad DiDiodato
                                                           Trudi Down
                                                           George Down
                                                           Jennifer L. Foster
                                                           David Haskins
                                                           Norma West Linder
                                                           Deborah Morrison
                                                           Jeff Seffinga
                                                           Jennifer Tan

Michael Mirolla was also featured, and read from his newest book  "The House on 14th Avenue."

Invited poets came from Toronto, Grimbsy, Hamilton, and Sarnia, Ontario.

This two hour event was well attended.  There was lively conversation at the break time as people replenished their drinks and food. Many people renewing acquaintances and happy to be a part of this celebration.

Here are some pictures taken at the event.

Ron Weihs- our host

Judith Sandiford - our host

On this bright, sunny, and breezy day, the mood inside reflected the weather outside.  Each poet was free to choose what they wanted and the reading of Milton Acorn's work was very well done.

It also was good to hear their own individual work as everybody has a different style of writing and way of presenting things.

Jennifer Tan

Jeff Seffinga

David Haskins

Trudi Down

Conrad DiDiodato

Deborah Morrison


A  wonderful way to spend a pleasant Saturday afternoon listening to poetry and enjoying each other's company.

Thanks for dropping by.


Saturday, July 13, 2013


The Silent Whisperer

Can you not hear the voice
of the beloved poet
when at peace?

The worries of life
take it's toll
grinding us down
until we forget the secret whisperer.

The magic is lost
to think of beauty in prose
to write the song of life.

Away from the deafening crowd
in the stillness of the night
the voiceless silence waits
my soul, the poet of my dreams awakening
and redeem the magic which was lost....

I will paint in bright colors 
I will write the lyrics to a song
a song of hope,
a song of peace.

That life is more than toiling blindly
A spirit in peace my soul cries
Kundalini awakening, my hearts desire.

Alberto Magsuci
July 13, 2013

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Upcoming Poetry Reading on Saturday.

A summer celebration of
People’s Poetry


Milton Acorn’s

In a Springtime Instant:
The Selected Poems: 1950 - 1986

Artword Artbar
15 Colbourne Street

Saturday, July 13
3:00  p.m.


James Deahl
Conrad DiDiodato
Trudi Down
George Down
Jennifer Foster
David Haskins
Norma West Linder
Deborah Morrison
Jeff Seffinga
Jennifer Tan


Michael Mirolla
reading from his new book
The House on 14th Avenue

Ron Weihs & Judith Sandiford  -