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Saturday, July 13, 2013


The Silent Whisperer

Can you not hear the voice
of the beloved poet
when at peace?

The worries of life
take it's toll
grinding us down
until we forget the secret whisperer.

The magic is lost
to think of beauty in prose
to write the song of life.

Away from the deafening crowd
in the stillness of the night
the voiceless silence waits
my soul, the poet of my dreams awakening
and redeem the magic which was lost....

I will paint in bright colors 
I will write the lyrics to a song
a song of hope,
a song of peace.

That life is more than toiling blindly
A spirit in peace my soul cries
Kundalini awakening, my hearts desire.

Alberto Magsuci
July 13, 2013

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