Obsidian Reflections*

Against black wall
of your tectonic face
they’ll search for
matrimonial evidence
two fossils, Homo sapiens
fragile skeletons of love
buried in your eyes
two obsidian mirrors
recessed above
two chiseled cheeks
polished lava rock
deep reflections
filled with past wisdom

And perhaps it is the way
the sun skates across
your icy surface or
at times, the rough edges
where I grab my footing
feel myself hoisted by
your spirit, I know we
can last forever
the exhibit on display
for future archeologists
who will dig dirt, discover
happily-ever-after preserved
a diamond anniversary ring
in divorce pit of broken bones
and shattered dinner plates
the longest and oldest married couple
a rare finding in a dead sea

Copyright Debbie Okun Hill

*Finalist in West End Writers 2009 Writing Contest; First published in Another Trail of Comet Dust: Poems Pulled from Earth, Okun Hill's second chapbook published by Beret Days Press 2011 ISBN978-1-897497-53-1

Debbie Okun Hill

Debbie Okun Hill is President of The Ontario Poetry Society, an associate member of the League of Canadian Poets, and co-host of Spoken Word (an open mic event in southwestern Ontario). She has been writing poetry since the fall 2004 and recently had work published in VallumThe Windsor Review, Other Voices, and The Binnacle. She has two self-published chapbooks with Beret Days Press and is seeking a publisher for her first full-length manuscript.