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Saturday, September 3, 2011


Find Ways to Show Love

The world I live in is a beautiful place.
different types of people making the world interesting.    

These are things I love:
I love that when I’m asleep, plants are still growing.            
water surrounds me when I jump in, making me feel like a feather.
gravity holds me down, even when I jump up; I know I will come down.
people can show emotions.
we find ways to show love.

These are things I don’t like:   
I don’t like seeing hatred in some one's eyes. 
I don’t like movies that are made to create thoughts of death.
people who enjoy other people’s pain.
problems come no matter how good or nice one is.
I don’t like people who hurt other people and get away with it. 
The things I love I don’t want to change.
the things I hate I want to go away.
I wonder if I can change the results of my life, I believe I can.
I know I can’t control others actions but I want to try  
I know that I can’t make a difference by myself so I need others to help me.
I need you to think kindly before you act.
that’s what I want to happen.
I hope the whole world tries to make it work.
By Julia Katharine Fruck
Age 13

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