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Friday, September 23, 2011


EDITOR'S NOTE:  The September 22, 2011 evening with poet Stan White was very well attended.  Bryan Prince Bookseller's  was well filled by an appreciative audience.

Jigsaw with Pieces Missing

I prefer a lone star on
a clear night where the
dark comes in slowly,

sprinkling the fields
with dusk, and Sirius,
with the fishes in the

pool, twinkles like a
pickerel's eye and day
hands off its petulance. This

evening, it happened while
I read your poem; the
failing light turned all the

page to words as though
a breakthrough might
reveal the heart of it—would

set us clear, would set us
free from all attachments, and
lost in the revealing dark I

stood beneath the willows
—still one bright star pointing
a bewildering direction.

SJW. 30 August 2000
12 noon.

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