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Thursday, December 31, 2015


This poem has been given to me as a kindness to share.  A friend of mine lent it to me on December 30th.  I read it out loud at our gathering of friends and at the end, it affected me so deeply that my voice broke with tears.

Hope you enjoy it.

Ida Kathleen Dontin

1922 - 1996

An Ode to Ida

    A baby is born,
minutes tick, days fly;
     A child is born,
curious, wondering;

A young lady is born
beautiful, uninhibited

     A woman is born
and to that woman
a family is born;

Minutes tick, days fly;
Children grow
and the woman,
Who grew from a
young lady,
Who grew from a baby,
Becomes the salt
of the earth;

As her eyes are closed,
the last breath drawn,
To her family and friends
her legacy lives on.

S. Lilliman
August 23,1996

Editor's note:  When one thinks deeply about life and our purpose of being here on this planet, it is important that we live our lives so that they will be a blessing to our family and friends and that we pass on goodness.

I am most grateful to Joanne Lilliman who has lent me this poem to share with you.

Thank you for dropping by.