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Friday, September 2, 2011


This poem has a special meaning for me.  It was written after my cardiac arrest and being brought back from death to life. It was published in a Toronto newspaper.

Having had a near death experience at age 22 and then the cardiac arrest in my later years, it has made me very aware of what is really important in life.

I hope that this poem will be a blessing to whoever reads it.

My Journey

I live alone, yet am not lonely
I cry out when in pain, my sighs are noted
my  innermost thoughts are known to You
Creator Lord, Friend and Saviour God

Each day, I choose to walk with you, My God
Your loving presence is ever close to me
When my heart is sad and I feel “down”
You send an angel, disguised as friend

My confidence rests in You, Oh God,
Your loving presence guides me always
I slip and fall, You give me strength
To pick myself up and begin again!

I have left You behind several times
To do my “own thing”, go my own way
My spirit was distressed, uneasy
Until I returned to You, Living God

My frame is getting frail, with little strength
My earthly journey is almost done
I keep on trying, with God’s loving help
To make a difference before I go

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ISSN 1496-3183 (Online)

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