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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


A Backyard Poem

     For my lover on her 83rd birthday

Summer lengthens.  There has been no storm
for two weeks.  Every day’s bright as the
wonder shining in a child’s eyes.
I now see I’ve always desired you.
Even before I knew you, even
before I was born, you were the one,
that flawless woman I was made to love.

We were raised under different stars,
in different countries; you under a king,
me under a president.  But
every move I’ve made, every journey
taken these sixty-four years, brought me
closer until you could reach out your hand
and quicken my heart to devotion.

Squirrels leap from boxelder to maple
never losing their footing when
branches bend almost to the ground, then
snap back a breathless instant later.
We could pretend we have many years
of joy ahead, but we need no pretence
when we have longer than forever.

Copyright©2011James Deahl

                                                                                    James Deahl
                                                                                    237 Prospect Street South
                                                                                    Hamilton, Ontario
                                                                                    Canada L8M 2Z6



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