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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


      Reflection in Time

It's late night
still I'm not asleep
the silence evokes memories
charms the evening breeze.

My mind in reminiscent mood
sees fleeting moments from the past
suddenly, the roar of revved up engine
breaks my dream-like trance.

I want to paint in words
these enchanting moments
of my youthful fantasies
a picture, in dreams appear.

What beauty is there to see
when all is loss, naivete gone
now dreams are made in gadget box
like laptop, just a simple touch?

I wish I could go back
to my youthful days
where toys were made in tin cans
built sand castles by hand.

Make folded paper boats which float
and race along muddy canals
these made me really laugh
and taught me what real art is.

A glimpse of dawn now appears
the yellow rays over the horizon
another night has passed
people age, time passes, clocks tick.

I will now rest and sleep
my tired, aging body
so that tomorrow
I can face another day.

I pray that all is not lost
what progress brings
I am still the same
my ingenuity, not the mirror I see.

Copyright(c) Albert Magsuci
                    Bahrain    January 10, 2011

1 comment:

  1. My heartfelt thanks to Wilma Seville, a poet, writer and editor in her own right. She made suggestions and corrected my tenses, I am grateful to her, my poem turn out beautiful and lucid. Thanks for blogging my poem.

    Albert Magsuci