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Monday, February 6, 2012


Waken Dreamer

Sleeping, your closed eyes quiver
unaware in dream that the skies shower Earth
with love: the forest floor is now a sea of stars!

Come! Rouse yourself, walk upon
the waking land, feel the breath of heaven
with the star-struck soles of your drowsy bare feet

Eleanore Kosydar

Eleanore Kosydar
76 Maple Avenue
Dundas, ON L9H 4W4

Tel: (905) 628-9092

Eleanore Kosydar is a poet, writer and photographer whose work has
appeared in a variety of publications and anthologies. She is author of
Moon Spirit: Love Poems of A Mated Woman (Tierceron Press, 1998)
and co-author/co-publisher with husband Richard Kosydar of two colour
photographic books about the Dundas Valley under their Tierceron imprint.

The Kosydars live in Dundas, Ontario; The Dundas Valley:

Visions of Beauty (2007) is still in print.

Eleanore has been a member of the Tower Poetry Society since 1994,
and for the past decade has been webmaster for the TPS website,

Other interests include hiking, cycling, gardening, reading and swimming.

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