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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Albert Magsuci


In One Silhouette Night

I am walking alone
the roads are deserted
shops are all closed
just a few cars passing
the whine of tires deafens my ears.

These once busy streets look ghostly
as if time had stopped
only the amber light atop a lamppost
outshines the silhouette of the wintry night.

A long night of walking
I feel so alone, the moon obscured
silence surrounds me
only my shadow dances to my gait
in the dead of night.

Albert Magsuci

Editors Note:  Due to the political problems in the Arabic speaking world, people do not go out at night as much as they did before.  The noise from the few cars on the road is very pronounced and they seemed, to the poet, to be in a dreadful hurry.  In Bahrain, Albert has said that things have gone back to normal and at this time, there are more people on the streets.

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