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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Armed schoolboy in tense stand-off with German police

Armed schoolboy in tense stand-off with German police

I ask myself the question, has the world gone mad when I read articles such as this.

I know that bad news sells, but I wish that newspapers would print good news as well so that people do not get depressed and discouraged.  When people get discouraged, they tend to just give up and say "what can I do about it`  The fact is that one cannot do very much when there are problems in other countries except for giving financial help to organizations who help.

Individually, all we can do ourselves is try and live each day as it comes, making it a little brighter for those whom we meet.  A smile, a wave, a cup of coffee with a friend, all those can be helpful.  I remember giving a talk at a ladies group in Toronto many years ago, and at the end of the talk a lady came up to me and told me how much the talk had helped her.  If I am remembering correctly, the talk was on how to make the world around you a little better by our actions, words and deeds.

If enough people do that, just imagine the effect it would have on the area where you live and even on oneself!  It could be like a round ball, once it starts to roll there is no stopping it - kindness and friendliness can go from person to person.  As some of you know, my motto has always been `brighten the corner where you live.``

Just a thought after reading about this very sad situation in Germany. 

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