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Saturday, July 28, 2012


SUSAN’S  MOTHER                                                           

Sixteen years old

That’s all she was

When pain and sorrow

Came to call

No more than a child herself

Caught up in uncertain times

Nazi Germany gobbling Europe

England threatened, our boys gone.

Moments of passion

Tingled with anxiety, grief

Fear of separation, death

Life changed, a seed was sown.

Long months without a word

Slender body changed

Morning sickness

Shock, anger amongst family.

In shame, she was sent away

To hide from folks around

Until her time would come

She would be with Aunt Jayne.

The day of reckoning came

When the child was born

No friends, relatives gathering

To welcome the little one

Instead, the new Mom left

Bereft of newborn child

Sorrowing heart, aching void

Scarred for life- always wondering


Editor's Note:  Since today is my birthday, I put on a poem which depicts my birth and my birth mother and what I imagined she went through.  In those days, it was a great shame in Canada not to be married if you were expecting a baby.  I have a great deal of sympathy for this young girl and the situation she found herself in.  At sixteen (especially in those days) girls were more sheltered and more innocent that today.  Society did not accept them nor their child.

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