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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Timeless Times

the day is easy
my mind wanders
I think of our love
a past love
remote from today

I couldn’t wait to get home
light a candle
undress you in tease
play in silken hair
kisses to eternity
covers of pleasure
pillows that harbor
far too many secrets

now and then
I drift back
into loveable pleasures
never to forget
timeless times



as two as one
bound and bonded
for life

trust never failed
secrets kept in secrecy
secrecy kept in secret
fashion and style shared
thoughts and suitors abound

but stand back
when dispute arises
nuclear eruptions
accusations in jealousy
emotions burst and breach
a catfight to the end

then sisters
two as one
toast champagne


Canadian Breeze

far from strife
sunlit day
cottage ambience
lawn and hills
lush green
slow waves
lap a rowboat

foreign affairs
are exactly that
foreign affairs
my glass in nearly empty
this is a local affair
something I can solve

now and then
worldly problems
remain worldly problems



a vagrant
tried to fool me

stench and staleness
ragged clothes
unshaven face
out of style coal pile hat
open toed running shoes
filth encrusted pants
from waist to cuff
mismatched socks
and homeless stride

what gave him away?
an ergonomic squeegee
salon tan
blonde highlights
designer sunglasses
and new Rolex

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