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Wednesday, November 14, 2012



Speaking Out
Raising the voice to speak against injustice
puts the speaker on a path of collision
from those who vehemently oppose their ideas.

One young blogger, Malala, dared to do so
speaking out about life in the Swat Valley
the need for girls to be educated.

Pakistan and the world has taken note
of the attempted murder of this girl
yet where was the outcry when many Malalas
Ayeshas, Ahmads and Bilals were killed by drones?

Who spoke up for them on the world stage?

People like you and me, living out their lives
their existence snuffed out by unpiloted drones
hope of their families, cut down where they stood. 

Injustice is a blight upon humankind
those who perpetrate it will be judged harshly
in the history books of future generations.
People who want harmony and peace
mothers, father, sons and daughters
young and old, let us work together
to eradicate injustices.

Originally published by Conrad Diodato and also by The Ambition Newspaper.


  1. It's true Wilma, nice of you and others to speak out against injustices committed by people full of bigotry in the name of Islam.

  2. Thank you very much Albert for your comment. I am a little confused by what I understand from your comment. I will try and clarify things. This poem was written to endeavour to show that speaking out against evil actions done by others can put the person in danger. It also was written to show that there are always two sides to an issue and evil actions done by either side brings terrible consequences. If this world and its diverse peoples want to survive, we must learn to understand and appreciate our differences and respect them. We are all humans, with similar needs.