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Saturday, December 29, 2012


To quote Andreas Gripp, a well known London, Ontario poet who summarized Stella Mazur Preda's newest book,  "The Fourth Dimension".

"Stella Mazur Preda bridges the phantom chasm to The Fourth Dimension - and in it the readers meets the author's penchant for colourful description and scenes enhanced with multiple metaphors.  The images from the natural world and the thoughts conveyed by the human narrrative are rich, relentless and rewarding.  Emanating vibrancy that is always accessible, the poems in this long-awaited collection are loaded with lines that convey the author's literary craftsmanship and her experience with the subjects about which she writes.  A poet attuned to the sounds and sights of her world - and ours."

-  Andreas Gripp, author of The Apostasy of Daylight.

My review:

I particularly liked "Remnants of Home" which speaks of the poet's early days when her family began their new life in Toronto after immigrating to Canada.

The second verse;

"Mama sang as she cooked and baked;
aroma of warm bread seeping from the oven
obliterating dad's acrid cigarettes."

This poem, in particular spoke to me and reminded me of my own childhood where the smell of homemade baking filled my nostrils, and made my mouth water.

This poem also evokes a different time in Canadian life, a time when many mothers stayed home and husbands went to work.

Another poem which also spoke to me was "A Winter Retreat"  where the poet talks about an aimless walk in the forest.

"Woodland friends
from their hidden burrows;

A small sample of this poet's lovely work as published in this, her second book.

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