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Saturday, March 30, 2013


       The Desert Sand

I see from a distance
the orange-glazed sand
baking under the sun
heat dances in dry air
on parched desert sand.

Wind blows, clouds of fine dust
heap into piles like sand dunes
once the sand tombs of the Dilmun
the soul of the desert at rest.

I take a handful of sand
I press down and squeeze
the sand trickles through my fingers
I open my hand, only dust is left.

My life, like the sand
I cannot keep nor hold
into dust my life ends
the wind blows, dust spread
to the ends of the Earth.

Editor's Note:

Alberto has sent me the following information:

"The Dilmun is an ancient Bahraini civilization that once flourish 2300 BCE. It is one of the most important civilization of the region and stop to flourish in 600 BCE. At present, there are still many relics of this era like the burial mounds located in Sar, Bahrain.Attach is a photo."


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