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Friday, June 20, 2014


Power Struggle

this circle of power
appears to be disintegrating

one another throw fireballs
across the diameter
as if to illuminate the need
of a large circumference
that should become smaller
more intimate
that is, until animosity
demands a new power struggle



mighty track engines
headed westbound
to reach cruise speed
measured in miles not seconds
hundreds of wheels
keep our economy strong

enroute its thunderous sight
never fails to inspire
each community to encourage
the next railway generation


My Movie

a most beautiful scene
starred only you
it held me in suspense
storyline, weak or strong
I could not lose focus
love stalled in place
it held the outcome or ending
for others to write

I watch as a viewer
aching to costar
to lean in close
to precious perfection
and let the ending begin

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