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Sunday, October 19, 2014


                                                     He was born;

in Toronto                                                                      born in Kabul
democratic childhood                                                   war zone youth
nurtured sunrise                                                           feared sunrise sky
excelled in school                                                        scavenged to exist
developed life skills                                                     in hellish want
teenage enjoyment                                                      hungered for comfort
a young man                                                                learned explosives
in the pursuit of love                                                   adrenaline hatred
learned many a sport                                                  taught to operate weapons
loved a challenge                                                        target practice
became a pilot                                                             how to bomb a plane

joined the Air Force                                                      entered a militia
assigned a fighter jet                                                   drove a jeep
guns, bombs, and missiles                                          of light missiles

upon a mission zone                                                    from the sky
zeroed in on the enemy                                               came an enemy
devastated the target zone                                         shells and tracer fire
vehicles and people blasted                                       sudden great pain
pulled up for departure                                               his body blown skyward
back to the base                                                         landed dead hard
soft landing to recuperation                                      now to a makeshift funeral

he is the child of a mom                                             he was the child of a mom

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