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Sunday, January 4, 2015


In this time of new beginnings, new year, new resolutions, here is a poem about a new life born during the Second World War.  Times have changed now but that is how it was back then.

SUSAN’S  MOTHER                                                           

Sixteen years old
That’s all she was
When pain and sorrow
Came to call

No more than a child herself
Caught up in uncertain times
Nazi Germany gobbling Europe
England threatened, our boys gone.

Moments of passion
Tingled with anxiety, grief
Fear of separation, death
Life changed, a seed was sown.

Long months without a word
Slender body changed
Morning sickness
Shock, anger amongst family.

In shame, she was sent away
To hide from folks around
Until her time would come
She would be with Aunt Jayne.

The day of reckoning came
When the child was born
No friends, relatives gathering
To welcome the little one

Instead, the new Mom left
Bereft of newborn child
Sorrowing heart, aching void
Scarred for life- always wondering



  1. Wilma,
    Just to let you know I really like your poem "Susan's Mother" on your Writing and Publishing Blog. I believe I've read it before but the poem you wrote is truly touching and memorable.

  2. Jen,

    Thanks for your kind words about "Susan's Mother". It was a very different time 75 years ago here in Canada and women were strongly encouraged by the authorities to give up their children for adoption at that time.