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Saturday, April 18, 2015


Multitudes of Concentric Rings
Canoe-drifting, engulfing the scenery,
Sporadic concentric rings
Appear on the water surface.
Are they caused by water striders,
Or small minnows, not observed?
A few rings detonate here,
A handful randomly erupt there.
Then calm –
An explanation burst in my head –
Bubbles of gases from fermenting debris
Formed at the bottom of the muddy lake
Are causing the disturbance.
Multitudes of concentric rings
Explode on the calm surface
And spiral out to infinity
As water ripples do.
Delight and joy swells in me,
Realizing it’s an impulsive happening –
As rare as the tumbling,
Falling star, I saw the other night.
My little world is once more touched
By Nature’s universe.

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