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Sunday, November 27, 2011



to meet human obligations
a portion of income
is gifted to charities

with envelope in hand
at the postal box
a scene catches my eye

in fixated stare
across the street
I survey the line up
at my chosen charity
a local Food Bank

designer dressed people
from trendy sideways cap
down to signature soles
cigarette in one hand
logo coffee in the other

they jostle both
to cope with the dilemma
to talk on a cell phone
and scratch off a lottery ticket
until doors open wide
to fill their bags tight

reflected from a window
behind my blue collar soul
is letter of good intentions
about to be released
to cover their lifestyle

this image pauses
then peeled back the stamp
and ripped up the envelope

a quick reflected nod
and then it’s off
to the same logo shop
for a beverage to sip
in contentment of change
enroute home

CopyrightEd Woods(C)2011

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