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Thursday, November 24, 2011



Praise Him among all created things, for His name is holy;
Praise His name with deafening music, with murmurs in every corner.

Let the acorn on the twisted oak sing of His faithfulness,
The wilting potted chrysanthemum proclaim His power.

Among shoes in the closet His name shall be honored,
Blue jeans and pantyhose are dumfounded by His glory.

Hear His name in the passing wail of police car sirens,
A jet engine’s scream, a dump truck’s broken muffler.

He reveals Himself in the scent of day lilies in the garden,
The disposable diapers tossed in the garbage profess His name.

Endangered whales sing of Him in the dark ocean’s chambers,
Children playing ball hockey echo His care in the side streets.

All things resound with His authority and His eminence.
Praise Him.

Jeff Seffinga

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