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Friday, March 23, 2012


Oh, Precious Love... 

Oh, Precious Love...

Is hatred
so deep a pain
that it will never
know love again?

Where are
the bright innocent,
loving and trusting eyes,
of the dear nappy headed child
I once knew?

How you push me
scornfully and remotely

what can I ever say or do
that you will not receive
as just another form
of targeted bigotry?

So disgusting
am I
to your cynical
outraged and angry eyes.

I am helplessly at a loss.

There is nothing I can do...
to satisfy the rage
flaming within you, save
allowing you
to pull the wings off
this broken hearted fly, then
squish me and my
"patronizing love"
into nothing
but a moist spot
on the pavement...

Save, laying down my life
in nothingness before you...
which would be in your view,
"much too easy".

All I know is that
we once loved each other,
here, in our colorless hearts.

Here, where once
mutual tears blended
in a compassionate and human
life-giving, salty surging sea...

Is it so wrong of me
to continue longing
for your precious
lost love

and racial unity?

Martha Meshberg
Copyright ©2002

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