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Saturday, August 3, 2013


At Germania Park

I soak up the welcome sun
Its spring rays caressing  me 
putting at ease my aches and pains

I snuggle in umbrella chair
my ears picking up the sounds
the whisper of  gentle breezes
the lake swooshing to the shore

Pen at the ready, I wait    
observing what surrounds me
the chatter of talk, crunch of food
relaxing, enjoying nature.

Birds twitter, perch on branches
hop, skip in swaying grasses
feathers ruffled by the soft wind.

Gulls swoop down with haunting cries
they skim water,  and take off
unwary fish becomes their prey.

Fishing boat glides in deep water
bedecked in straw hats, two men
troll for fish in silence

Sips of clear, cold water
glide down my thirsty throat  
soothing me, refreshing me

My hand reaches for my Spanish fan
brought back from Spain years ago
cream colour, red & blue flowers

I  flip open large print story book
from time to time looking up
as life goes on around me
I sit, content with my world.


*This poem was written for the occasion of our church picnic in June. 

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