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Sunday, September 8, 2013


Band Wagons

Jumping on the 'band wagon',
in my book,
leaves much to be desired.
Large groups and masses
such as political parties
and social causes
often require that
one must leave one's
own mind and heart
I view collective thought
and a humanistic danger.

It is easy to join causes
which ask you to sign up
to dogma's...
releasing you from true

I am reminded
in the Baha'i Writings,
that one must apprehend
the truth through one's
own investigation
and not through the eyes
of others.

I find myself at odds with
many causes because I refuse
to relinquish this spiritual right.

There are those
who call me brave
and courageous
and those who find reason
to call me a traitor.

I am solitary
in my quest
to remain liberated
from classification
and life's multi-peered
of pseudo-pious offences.

I am solitary here
to persevere, to giving life
to what has been proven
to be right. To carry forward
the truths that I've found
and to make that
the whole meaning
of my life.


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