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Thursday, January 23, 2014


My fathers haiku

spirits climbed away
beside the Great Speckled Bird
carrying a soul

a father passed on
native spirits slowly rise
with a legacy

the Great Speckled Bird
graced my father with a ride
up to the heavens

holding hands so calm
a father’s journey will end
beside three children

my stomach is tight
longing for one more phone call
my father passed on

tonight I miss you
for this would have been our talk
sorely missed parents

although you have passed
your loving spirit remains
my heart proudly beats

one life has ended
a new life in Baptism
life events in change

I grow weak at times
when my heart is in longing
your smile remembered

you left in person
you left behind a spirit
you left me faithful

we try to tribute
your long life and legacy
an image of joy

my day was in joy
success in every way
I know you looked down

you threw a baseball
awkwardly I threw it back

my dad taught me well

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