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Sunday, January 5, 2014


Wolves Fishing

My red cheeks tingling on this
brilliant and vibrant Fall day, 
I Kneel by the waterside, 
inhaling the crisp, nipping 
and fragrant currents of air. 

I am captivated by 
the pink backdrop of the golden 
setting sun, as the musical stream  
recounts its never ending lyric:
rushing, running, rippling,
hypnotic, gurgling water. 

Yes...closing my eyes
I hear and see 
the most perfect unity
in my solitude and stillness.

An instantaneous flash!
Loud cackles and laughs...
my gaze turns skyward as
Raven alights on 
the naked branch.

I am spellbound by the
dancing, playful, and shadowed 
ever changing Wolves 
fishing for Salmon
in the cold, rocky shallows.


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