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Sunday, May 11, 2014



Never an instigator 
By Asma Warsi ©
(Inspired by the abduction of school girls in Nigeria by a so-called Islamist group, Boko Haram.)

Never an instigator 
nor involved in any conflict
yet the worst kind of persecution
upon her, they inflict.

From your habitat, your garden of love
they round you up to slay
crushing till you lose fragrance and colour
and your petals scatter away.

You’re forced to bear children of war
with broken dignity,
they leash out reign of terror on you
and disgrace you with impunity.

From Boko Haram to Balkans genocide
from World Wars to Holocaust
from religion to religion, land to land
you’re always punished, harassed.

You cry and wait for a savior
Who might end your misery
they say “never again,” after the fact
then always repeat history.

Bring back, our sisters, oh men of conscience
our daughters and mothers-to-be
let them bloom in their gardens
where they are supposed to be.

Asma Warsi May 11, 2014

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