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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I had the pleasure of listening to a talk given by author David Haskins yesterday evening on "How one book got born."  He was the guest speaker for this month's Lit Chat which is held in Central Library in down town Hamilton.

His style was very laid back and as I was sitting very close to him, I could hear him quite well.

He talked about the writing process,  collecting the writing together, selecting the publisher who you want to publish your work, doing drafts, researching, the art work needed and how it is in dealing with publishers. As I know his publisher as well, it was very interesting to me.

In my case, it  was particularly interesting to hear him talk about the contract, how to promote the work and how it can be distributed.

I learned a great deal from his topic and from follow up via email and I am most grateful to David for his insight into this difficult world of publishing.  It is a tough time for publishers right now as eBooks have become very popular for the younger generation.

Who knows, perhaps in due time, I may try to do an Ebook but first, I would like to do a regular book. I am still gathering up material to send to my publisher so it will be a very lengthy process.

David has such good knowledge and it was very well attended.  A very pleasant evening spent with compatible people.

Thanks for dropping by.

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