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Friday, November 20, 2015


Hibou, my owl-like cat

Death came knocking early one morning
Unaware, we slept on sofa and bed
Through the vent, a gush of red-tinged water
Unhindered, spread through several rooms

Hibou, my owl-like cat, companion dear
Licked her brown silky hair to groom herself
Ingesting ethylene glycol as she did
It’s deadly sweetness seemed a treat to her

Three cats huddled high on sofa back
Trying to escape the rising red tide
I awoke that night, stepping into water
Ankle deep, uncertain where it came from

In appearance, Hibou appeared all right
Her head resting on her buddies bodies
Short haired male cats, unlike Hibou in build
Delicate, feminine, slight of body

Late afternoon, her movements became feeble
Vet visit, news bad, needle prick, last pat
I miss Hibou, with her golden brown eyes
Faithful gentle creature, loving nature

I will never forget you, little Hibou
No cat can take your place, gentle one.

(c)Wilma Seville

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