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Thursday, July 21, 2011

My new venture in the blog world

Thank you for dropping in to read this blog.  The blog address is:


Since I am a writer, I have decided to help other writers whom I know to get published as well as publish and republish some of my own work. It is my belief that the internet has a very wide audience and  it would benefit a writer to get his/her name out there in the blog world.

It is my hope that my regular followers on my other blog at
will read this blog from time to time as well and may even become followers. 

This photo was taken of me while reading some of my creative writing at Puddicombe Farm in Winona.  There were many famous poets in the room and I was humbled to have been invited to such an important event.

Drop by again when you have time and see what new offerings I bring.  It will be a way for others to share their work without self publishing. 

Enjoy your day.

Wilma Seville

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