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Thursday, July 28, 2011



May in your new existence every whisper
that touches you be filled with a soft light
that carries in the rhythm of soothing murmur
the promises and mysteries of night.

May grass grow ever taller than your shoulder
and fall away from your approaching face
as you explore the clean expanse of meadow
and know that you belong in that new place.

May life again turn in familiar cycles
unfettered by the linear chains of days:
action and rest, hunger and satisfaction,
while all the sounds you hear are songs of praise.

May simple dreams become their own fulfillment.
Rest on those cushions where St. Francis sat.
And when you sing out in the heavenly chorus,
let every angel know that you are cat.

Copyright(c)Jeff Seffinga 2011

Published in his latest book,  "All We Like Cats"

Jeff Seffinga at Tower Poetry Launch

Jeff Seffinga was born in the Netherlands and raised in Eastern Ontario. He has been writing and publishing poetry for most of his life.
 Much of his work deals with questions such as man's relationship with the natural world of which he is so much a part, though he likes to set himself above it.
His latest poetry book "All We Like Cats" is now available for sale.Of the many awards he has received, he is most proud of the 1996 Grain Prose Poem award and the 2007 City of Hamilton Arts Award for Literature.

  He is the current editor of Tower Poetry, published in Hamilton 
  by the Tower Poetry Society.

1 comment:

  1. Having lost so many wonderful furry friends over the years, I can relate to this poem very well.

    I can visualize Dizzy going about his business and enjoying his new life in the hereafter because of your poem.

    Thanks for sharing this poem with us all.