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Tuesday, July 26, 2011



I have a reason to be upset
But I won’t take it out on you because of it

I have a reason to be mad
But I won’t yell at you for it

I have a reason to cry
my back grows crooked

I have a reason to love 
That love is endless   

My way of thinking is different from yours
If you think I’m wrong, than maybe I am.  

I will never say I was
That’s me and there’s no way to change who I am  

So if I cry don’t be sad.
There is still a light out there.

Be happy so I can smile at you.


Editor’s Note:  Julia has recently been diagnosed with Scheurmann’s Kyphosis.
Cassie, Julia, Mom Julia  - missing Dad Chris who was at work

Julia is a 13 year old girl who enjoys swimming, biking and playing baseball. Julia will be starting Grade 8 this fall.  She has a little sister called Cassie and she enjoys spending time with her.   She loves walking her beagle dog Charlie or playing with friends in her town.  Recently Julia was diagnosed with a form of scolosis called Sheurmans Kyphosis, she is facing upcoming back surgery and started writing poetry while dealing with wearing a back brace and going to physiotherapy for her back.  Her poetry is filled with emotion and comes from a teenager’s perspective on life.

A short bio about Julia, written by mom but okayed by Julia for this publishing  site.


  1. Julia

    Hang in there; I have scoliosis, too, since the age of 7 and wore a Milwaukee brace for 5 years. It's starting to affect my everyday life (I won't give away my present age). Maybe I should put my feelings on paper, like you! Sometimes life sucks but I like your attitude. Keep the ink flowing.

  2. Julia, just a thought...feel free to contact me if you need someone to talk to. After all, I know what you're going through.