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Saturday, July 23, 2011


I thought I would start it off with a poem which was published in Tower Poetry Society Summer Edition 2010.

It is just a short little poem about when I was young and used to swim in the St. Lawrence River which is in the Province of Quebec, Canada.

Hope you enjoy it and can feel how the swimmer felt.


Minnows swim around pink runners
As I forge ahead into deeper water
Shades of green and blue shimmer
Sun beats down on bathing cap

St. Lawrence River feels cool
On such a hot and steamy day
I float upon my back
Eyes closed against the sun

Water laps gently over supine body
Arms move up and down to gentle rhythm
Feet flutter as I lazily float
Movements calm but deliberate

At peace with my little world
All anxiety at bay
One with the water
One with the world.


Wilma Seville - one of the readers at the 60th Anniversary Celebration of Tower Poetry Society

Wilma Seville is originally from Lachine, Quebec and has lived in Montreal and Toronto and now resides in Hamilton.  She is a retired Staff Reporter for The Ambition Newspaper and is an active member of Tower Poetry Society, The Poetry Center, The New Writing Group, the Literary Arts Commitee of The Hamilton Arts Council, as well as a member of The Hamilton Club.

Her poetry and short stories have been published in England and Canada. .  She also writes for HistoriCITY and, on occasion, for her former newspaper and the Eastern Synod Lutheran newspaper.

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