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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Sweat Lodge

The grandfathers are placed in the
Sweat lodge, ceremoniously.
One in the middle for the creator,
And four for the four directions.
People, stripped of all worldly possessions,
Crowd in and circle around the hot stones,
Clockwise–the path of the sun.
The elder disrupt the peace
With words of thanks.
And splashes water on the grandfathers.
As the hiss subsides
People go deeper within.
Some with no-thought,
Others with troubling-life thoughts,
Searching for understanding and peace.
The Elder erupts with a chant,
And asks each searcher
To express his thoughts
To help cleanse their souls.
More water–sizzle.
More silence.
People crawl out,
Thanking Earth Mother,
And greet the cool night air
On their hot skin,
As they remain in silence
With a sense of renewal

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