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Wednesday, April 16, 2014



Hear! I am the Hill of Poetry
brought about by soulful
and natural forces.

Through hail, sleet and disruption
I glean with my Eagle Eye
a spiritual truth
in the healing defence of time;

And throw myself upon
the purifying shores
of the River mouth
of Divine utterance.

It is here I greet the Rain of Bounty
and cast my life upon
the true journey
of the soul, helplessly
and utterly charmed...

For, I am the Tear of Growth
and a Spiritual Warrior
who will be victorious in every battle,
setting my course
for the planets and stars!

For upon the boundless Ocean,
I shall be set adrift
to seek and gain
salvation's Spiritual Sun,
to return hope and order to all men
as a world tree of transcendent light.

For I am the Heart of all mankind.

Martha Meshberg

Copyright ©2001 

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