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Monday, August 8, 2011


Golden Years

Golden years!
What golden years?

Income reduced,
Health compromised.
Empty nest,
Living downsized.

Cholesterol pointing high,
Blood pressure on the rise,
Diabetes, arthritis,
Weakening  eyes.

Hearing impaired,
Wrinkled dry skin,
Every joint rattles,
Golden years begin.

Copyright (c)Asma Warsi 2011

We are one!

I left behind my sweet memories,
And chose this land as mine.
I gave it my youth, my energy, my love,
And believed it will be mine.

I gave it two young generations,
To serve it and protect.
Conscientious, hardworking, educated,
Their duties they’ll never neglect.

Yes, I do have a little accent
But you would have had too.
If you had been the first generation
Or your parents were here new.

I look different but I am like you,
Don’t give me a derogatory name.
My accent, my colour, my unfamiliar attire,
Are not a matter of shame.

Building a mosaic, every brick counts,
Art has many strokes.
Many colours come together to form white light,
A song has many notes.


Asma Warsi

Asma Warsi is originally from Pakistan and has lived in Canada for almost forty years.  She received her M.Sc. from Pakistan.  She attended Seneca College in Toronto and received her Chemical Technician designation, She also studied TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) at York University. 
Her work experience has included working as a pharmaceutical lab techician, teaching English as a Second Language with the Toronto District School Board, and for twenty five years, she has been the editor and  publisher of the Ambition newspaper As a business woman, she ran a small print press for several years.
Asma writes poetry in both Urdu and English. She has performed her work in English at a poetry event.  She has also been invited to give a talk on the basics of Islam by the United Church which was well received. 
 She is a widow with four grown up children and eight grandchildren.


  1. Asma,

    your poems are inspiring. I particularly like the line "Art has many strokes".

  2. There was another comment by Kathy left on Face book as this blog would not allow her to post here.

  3. A reply from the poet, but the blog would not allow her to post. I will ask her to send her reply to me and I will post it.

  4. Great poems. Love the one about the golden ages!