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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


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Jewels of the Night
by Monique Berry

My steel-grey eye
to fully view His heavenly sculptures— 
jewels of the night
adorn a vast crown of creation.
My internal world glitters
with each celestial wonder.

Deep calls unto deep.

How can I, this earthbound observatory, express
the ecstatic sensations of gazing into
reflection nebulas, whirlpool galaxies
Great Wall, Horsehead Nebula, or the Milky Way?
Giant meteors trail bright sparks
in the black heavens.
An auditorium of stars creates a synergetic rhythm—
music to my soul.
Superclusters appear close,
inviting symbiotic touch.

Feelings overwhelm me;
words fail.
So, I relinquish all expressive inability
to the One whose hands created these jewels,
and rest in the knowledge that
He understands me*
*Psalm 94:9

Monique Berry
Monique is a freelance writer, editor, and produces two creative writing magazines. She has revised novel manuscripts, poems, newsletters, web pages, and college essays for ten years. Monique also spent four years as a workshop leader in two writers groups. She offers a wide range of programs and services.

View the latest issue of Perspectives at

Her poem , Jewels of the Night, written from the perspective of an observatory, is on page four.

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