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Saturday, August 27, 2011


Verse Afire, June 2011

a ghost approaches
from barren lands
slow as a Humidex wave
of oppressive pressure
to wreak havoc
upon strength
and stability

an opaque figure
somewhat familiar
hovers close to my view

in fixated stare
I listen
it whispers of change

a change must occur
or it will return


Ed Woods


Ed, who is Metis by origin, is originally from Toronto but has lived many years in Hamilton and now currently lives in Dundas, Ontario.  Due to a horrific crash in which he was badly injured, his career as a Commercial Truck Driver was ended in 1999.  His experiences before, during and after this traumatic event has given him plenty to write about.  Bouts of unemployment, homelessness and illness has provided him with good  material for his stories and poems.

He has written a book which is dedicated to The Staff and Volunteers of Hamilton Health Sciences called  “Poetry and other unfortunate non-fiction.”

Many of his poems have been published and he continues to write on a regular basis.  Look for more work in the near future from Ed Woods

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