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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Alzheimer’s lack of Compassion

mom peers out entrance doors
awaiting my weekly visit
this image overpowers frustration
in congested traffic to Toronto

my disgust is sickening
for highway decision makers
let us use visible benefits
of kickbacks and payola

to reach this building of compassionate souls
eager for contact and love
or a trip down memory lane

walking into the nursing home
mom’s brightens up as a child opening gifts
I knew you would visit today

a waif in a wheelchair gets the royal tour
as if a new adventure
we pass many less fortunate guests
and find a quiet time to reminisce
her war work years buildings Lancaster Bombers
for young aviators to defend freedom
many never came home
transfers to Montreal to produce layout drawings
Bren guns, landing gears, or tank assembly schematics
barracks and parade marching in sub zero storms
the antics of working the Toronto Film Festival
flying with me over Toronto in a small plane
a ride home in my transport truck when stranded in a blizzard
many long ago Sunday outings then we drift
to family happenings and picture books

time is nigh for slumber as darkness eliminates window panes
quietness seeps into the evening air and mom begins to yawn
we roll down the carpeted highway to the last room on the right

brakes go on in the doorway as mom has one soft question
telling me that our time together is so special
and she didn’t want to be troublesome today

but on my next visit would it be OK
if we went for a drive to Hamilton
so she could visit her son

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ed,

    This poem really touched me as this disease robs so many people of their memories of who they are and what they have done with their lives. It is so hard on the families as well.

    Thank you for writing this touching poem.