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Friday, August 19, 2011


This poem has a little story attached to it.  A Professor was coming to interview my dear friend in her home.  I was visiting for a few days and although her home was clean, we both decided to attack it and make it shine even more.  Out of this experience came this little poem.  I hope you enjoy it.

A Lick and a Promise

Finger prints on bathroom mirror
Water marks on tiled floor
The hiss of Windex on paper towel
A wipe, a swipe – and all is right.

The old wet mop dragged from hiding
To perform its mighty job
The smell of pine now scents the air
A rub, a scrub – the task is done

Feather duster at the ready
Dust bunnies skulk and hide
Taunting me to catch them
A whoosh, a swoosh – chores are done.

© 2007WilmaSeville

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  1. A lady sent me a comment via Facebook about this poem. Happily she liked it but I think I understand she cannot figure out how to post comments on the blog.