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Thursday, November 14, 2013


A Poem for my son, Aldi

I hold you in my arms
hug you close to my breast
my inner voice whispers
to love you with all of my heart,
this moment of joy I feel
I know it will last.

I've enjoyed life,
I can write prose to a beautiful rose;
paint in canvas with greens and blues
something is missing - a father's longing
for the smile of an innocent
love is  purest at infancy.

Time quickly passes
my hair is now grey
I ask for something
to find the joy that lasts
in what remains of my life

God is great!  
the gift of life
Aldi my son, enters my life
my happiness knows no boundries
bright like the stars shining in the night
the best gift I ever have,
the gift of life with Aldi..

I am old,perhaps I will not see the
day of his maturity
everyday the innocent smile
of my son I always see
which brings out the best in me,

This poem I write
shows the inside of my heart
I will always love him
this happinekss will last till the end of my life.

by: Alberto Magsuci
Nov. 11, 2013

Editor's note: Alberto and his wife live in Bahrain along with their little son Aldi. Here is a picture of their little son.


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