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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


my heart beats proudly
alone on this ridge horizon
blue skies suspending clouds
across my heritage
our failing chief
praised higher spirits
for accepting his choice
I become tribal leader
invaders never conquered our beliefs
or this place of natural life
night howls of a solitary wolf
ice sheets reflecting stars
roaming dusty herds
bears in plentiful rapids
teaching their young
springtime fishing rights
I recall life and times of when
this land was full of movement
until the roaming sole predator
of man and bears
seeking riches and trophies
from the buffalo hunt
arrived on iron rails
holding a long rifle of change
powerful is my pride
welcoming new challenges
respectful in decisions
fearless and brave
our people trust
future plans
in time great spirits
will accept my soul
from a fiery tribute
into the night sky
as the next proud chief
will stand on this sacred land
to lead our people in honour

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