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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


In September, Tower poets were invited to go out to Dundas to pick a picture to write a poem about.  I participated and picked out a lovely picture and wrote a poem.

We got there early enough to go on the art walk which began at 1 p.m.  Jeff Seffinga and Fran Figge were the leaders on this walk and at each store that had exhibited the work, they stopped and read the poetry aloud.  It was very nice indeed to have it read so well.

After the art walk, we all went into the Carnegie Gallery which is now wheelchair accessible with a new elevator. 

Our eyes fell on pottery, jewellery, felt work and art on the walls as we entered this lovely spot.  There was a tea table set up  with several types of tea provided by a local tea shop.   The lady was very gracious as she served this elegant beverage in delicate English tea cups.  The name of the company which provided the tea is Coco Tea, and it is on 63 Main Street in Dundas, Ontario.  Their telephone number is 905-627-7322.

People were encouraged to partake of the light refreshments provided by the Gallery - different types of cheeses, a fruit platter and different types of sweets including shortbread cookies.

The readings started shortly after 2 p.m.

Jeff reading a poet's work on King Street.   Photo credit  Ed Woods
Fran Figge - co-leader of walk    Photo credit Ed Woods

Carnegie Gallery - across the street.   Photo Credit Ed Woods
Art Walk - Jeff reading.  Photo credit Ed Woods

Gaiyle Connally
Valerie Nielsen - past President of Tower

Wilma Seville - past secretary of Tower

Jennifer Tan 

Soraya Erian

Marianne Vespry

Ellen Ryan

Fran Figge

Jeff Seffinga

Jim Tomkins

Ed Woods
The refreshment table - observe the wonderful flowers

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