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Monday, November 4, 2013

WILMA SEVILLE (ArtWalk - Dundas, Ontario)

No artist name was on the picture unfortunately

This picture spoke to me as I love being near the water and just observing nature.

Here is the poem I wrote for this occasion.


Sun rays shimmer on calm waters
cane in hand, I tap my way
walking gingerly down windy pathway
towards the empty wharf and chair
which beacons me to solitude

Setting sun spells peace, harmony
the cry of loons on the lake
eases me, I drink in beauty

Birds rise up, fly in formation
I feel their freedom, unity
as they wing their way and caw
their sound drifting off - they leave

The ghosts of my past come gently
husband, children and  hound dog
all present in my memory

Shouts of long ago resound
my little ones jump off wharf
hound dog follows close after
their father, ever watchful - near

Alone now, husband long dead
grown up children, with children
in other places - far away
solitary, I sit with memories

©copyrightwilmaseville2013      Art Walk Dundas.