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Sunday, December 11, 2011


Along the Seashore

I stroll along the road     
eyes gaze across the sea  
take in the scenic beauty
of the sea along the bay

The shifting sands meet my eyes  
white flamingoes graze miles away
like white pebbles with orange skinny legs
dotting the great expanse of sand

The yellow rays of the sun 
sparkle and dance on the blue sea
this makes noon time very special
I’m alone, but not lonely. 

I breathe in deep breaths
the air so sweet, warm
serene sea, blissful solitude
in my memory forever

I wish I had someone with me
to share my deepest thoughts
of life being like the sea’s
ebb and flow – always on the move


Albert Magsuci was born in the Philippines, and speaks English and Tagalog..  He has lived in Bahrain for 28 years and owns and operates two bakeshops, Lolita’s Bakery and Panadero Sweets.  He is a pastry chef by profession and makes scrumptious chocolate pralines.  In his spare time, he plays the violin, flute, guitar and the harmonica.

His first love is to paint on canvass and also to create word pictures in poetic form.
His paintings are about nature and flowers.  His love of nature and of God comes out clearly in his poetry. 
The pastry chef in action


  1. Hi Wilma,
    Thank you for posting my simple poem I wrote on your blog. I am grateful and very happy. To your unselfish effort and good suggestions to make changes on my poem, God grant my prayer to reward you. I may be miles away, but surely, I will always remember the day you posted my poem and picture on your blog.

    Albert Magsuci

  2. You are very welcome Alberto. Writing poetry is a process of learning and all I can do for anybody is to share what I have learned from the two groups I below to. I am glad it was helpful to you and I shall look forward to receiving more poetry from you in due course.