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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Editor's note:  I wrote this today as I have a friend who is suffering from Pancreatic cancer and I felt impressed to write a poem for her. 

      FOR  KATHE

God’s gift is life eternal  
for those who follow Him
life may be long or short
with riches and with wealth

Pain and sorrow comes to all
in this imperfect world
we need not walk alone
God  is with us all the way.

We all have our ups and downs
God sends angels disguised as friends
who listen, care and understand
they  laugh and cry with us.

Friends and family love us dearly
as they hold us up in prayer
to ask God’s blessing on those they love
close at hand or far away.

May our days be filled with gladness
knowing that we’re in God’s hands
we trust in Him for all our needs
thank Him for his loving care.

Our days are few upon this earth
each day a gift from our God
let us strive to make things better
for those who live upon this earth.

CopyrightWilmaSeville© December 7,2011


  1. Hi Wilma,
    It's an inspiring poem. There is no great gift to a person in need but a beautiful and loving poem of yours indeed. I pray also to God, may your friend and all of us be enlighten that we may accept with graciousness one's sickness.


  2. Thank you for your kind comments Albert. I wrote the poem with the wish to bring comfort to my friend. She will receive her had copy in the mail in a few days time.

    May God grant her healing if it is in His Will for her life.

  3. Hi Wilma,
    I like this phrase of yours, "if it in His will". In Islam, as I read, they call it Inshaallah, by God's will. Truly, you're a woman of deep spiritual understanding of life and our relation to God.
    albert magsuci