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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Christmas at Gore Park                                                

Twinkling lights on Gore Park trees

Little children shout with glee

Riding in miniature red train

I see them through my window pane.

Parents, grandparents, older siblings

stuffle feet to keep from freezing
as the snow starts to whirl  around
the little red train does its round.

Faces all aglow from the cold
little children  a sight to behold
scarves wrapped around red faces
snowsuits and boats with laces

Fingers tingle in red mittens
hands and feet feel frost-bitten
Santa’s elves in North Pole
two are here playing their role

Gore Park is a wonderland
lights, falling snow,  a fairyland



  1. A great description of Gore Park, really wonderful poem. Glad we could experience it today with you. My family loved it especially riding in the minature red train and merry go round. Kathy

  2. Thank you very much for your kind words. I enjoyed writing that poem. I wrote it about last year's activities there. Today the rain came down shortly after we all left. It was a great day today which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am so glad that everybody had such a good time.